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DSP-B series professional network power amplifiers are adopted 24 Bit professional DSP audio CMOS chip. They are designed for long-distance audio system. It is preferred for gymnasium and large-scale audio system. These series power amplifiers can be adjusted manually and also can be controlled by computer. So it is very convenient for using. You can control up to 250 PCS power amplifiers by computer. The control distance can meet 1000 meters in theory (the length of the distance depends on different conditions). You can adjust the Gain, Equalizer specification, Crossover, Delay, Opposite phase, Limiter and so on for each power amplifier. You also can adjust the Stereo, Mono, Bridged and so on. You also can adjust the specification above by manual completely without connecting to the computer.


1. This amplifier is noise-free

Without input connection, AODA  DSP-B series amplifiers have no noise even the volume have reached the maximum. This will increase the quality of your work.


2. The amplifier has multiple built-in intelligent protection systems 

The AODA   DSP-B series amplifiers integrate anti-impact function of the power’s soft start, DC output protection, long-time over-heat protection and power-on delayed function. These can speedy protect the circuit when short circuit and over loading happen, and the performance will not be intermitted.


3. Efficient automatic variable speed cooling system 

AODA   DSP-B series amplifiers have tunnel-shape automatic cooling systems, which protect the amplifiers to operate for a long time safely.


4. The unit has various input/output connectors

AODA   DSP-B series amplifiers have various input/output connectors. An amplifier has a three-position sensitivity switch for choosing level, stereo, bridged-mono, and parallel mono. It can connect the speaker speedy by the professional SPEAKON. 


5. The unit has consummate working status indications

The LED indicator on the front panel of Aoda amplifier makes you clear the working status of the amplifier, making operation and adjustment easier.


Model   型  号 DSP-B200 DSP-B300 DSP-B400 DSP-B500 DSP-B600 DSP-B700 DSP-B800 DSP-B900 DSP-B1000 DSP-B1200
Output power 输出功率(8Ω) 2×200W 2×300W 2×400W 2×500W 2×600W 2×700W 2×800W 2×900W 2×1000W 2×1200W
Output power 输出功率(4Ω) 2×300W 2×500W 2×700W 2×850W 2×1050W 2×1200W 2×1350W 2×1530W 2×1700W 2×1900W
Output power 输出功率(2Ω) 2×500W 2×800W 2×1000W 2×1300W 2×1400W 2×1600W 2×1800W 2×2000W 2×2200W 2×2400W
Output power (BRIDGE) 桥接方式(8Ω) 600W 1000W 1250W 1460W 1750W 2050W 2300W 2600W 2900W 3000W
Output power (BRIDGE) 桥接方式(4Ω) 1000W 1300W 1700W 1920W 2300W 2750W 2900W 3400W 3800W 4000W
Output Circuit Type 线路类型 Class AB Class AB Class AB Class AB Class AB Class H Class H Class H Class H Class H
Input Impedance 输入阻抗 20KΩ
Frequency Response 频率响应 5Hz~50KHz
THD 总谐波失真 20Hz ~ 20KHz(8Ω) 0.05%
Slew Rate 转换速度 40V/usec
Signal-to-noise ratio 信噪比 103dB
Damping coefficient 阻尼系数(8Ω) >400 >500 >500 >500
Radiator 散热方式 High/Low Automatic Control
Safeguard 保护方式 DC protection/Overloading protection/Soft start/Short circuit protection
N Weight 净重 / G Weight 毛重(Kg) 18.5/20 21/22.5 22.5/24 23/24.5 25/26.5 26/27.5 26/27.5 26/29 32/35 33/36
Dimension 尺寸(mm) 482×478×88.8 482×478×132
Power Range 电压 (115V/230V)Can offer different voltage according to client's requirement.可根据不同地区提供不同电压的产品


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